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Cardboard Applicator Organic Regular Tampons (16 Pack)

$11.99 every 4 weeksBuy Now

Super Tampons 16 Pack (Organic with Cardboard Applicator)

$11.99 every 4 weeksBuy Now

Standard / Regular Pads 10 Pack (Organic Cotton)

$11.99 every 4 weeksBuy Now

Heavy / Night Pads 10 Pack (Organic Cotton)

$11.99 every 4 weeksBuy Now

Organic Cotton

We care about you and our product, that’s why we only offer 100% organic cotton tampons, pads and pantyliners.

By choosing organic cotton, you are ensuring that pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified materials are not entering your body.

Our range is super soft, breathable, and gentle on your skin with no fragrances, no bleach and best of all no worries 🙂

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I love that I no longer have to worry about that time of the month, each month I get a delivery to my door – it’s just so simple!
I highly recommend The 28th Day ~ Julie